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Why Zicala?

Let us explain

Behind every thought there’s a meaning

Ask any Calabrian what the sound of summer is, and they’ll say Zicala… the Calabrian dialect term for that tiny creature which provides the soundtrack to every summer evening, the “Cicada”.

The powerful melodic sound produced by this tiny insect is ubiquitous during the sunny summers of Southern Italy. Visitors to the region are immersed by an atmosphere, both relaxing and exotic, which they can fully experience with all their senses.

Given that the sound of the “Zicala” has become synonymous with the summer, their tune carried on warm summer breezes which wrap themselves around you, what better image to represent the full holiday experience we wish to offer to our guests?

Calabria? Where is it?

Calabria is an enchanting region of Southern Italy.  Unlike other Italian destinations it has not yet become a focal point of mass tourism and boasts a glorious historical past with some of the most stunning natural coastlines and countryside to be found in Italy.

So is "Zicala" a real italian word?

Yes and No, it’s the Calabrian dialect term for “Cicada” (which is also Latin, did you know?)

How do you pronounce "Zicala" correctly?

Just like this: «zəˈkālə»

How should I write it?

Please always write “Zicala” with capital letter, as you see here.

Brand Guidelines

Our logo is based on the full rotation of the ‘Z’ letter on its own origin point.

The result is a powerful sign that evokes a shining sun or a spinning pinwheel. Some also see it as a tribute to the culture of Magna Graecia and its traditional decoration (the meander).

However, the yellow gradient completes the icon with a remarkable touch of southern beauty.

If you want to use our brand resources please repect these parameters:

Ocra > CMYK 0,30,90,0 RGB 251,187,33 HEX #fbbb21 PANTONE 1235C
Turchese > CMYK 60,0,30,0 RGB 102,193,190 HEX #67c1be PANTONE 2227C
Argento > CMYK 0,0,0,20 RGB 204,204,204 HEX #cccccc PANTONE Cool Gray 1C
Main Font family: Playfair Display; Font weight: 700; Font style: italic;
Secondary Font family: Raleway; Font weight: 500; Font style: italic;

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